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Coolant Jug

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  • Coolant Jug


Looking for a good bio-degradable band saw cutting fluid?  We think we have what is the best, Baileigh Coolant is the first saw coolant good enough for Baileigh Industrial to sell.  Baileigh Coolant is a flood coolant formulated to assist in most metal cutting and machining operations on ferrous, non-ferrous and specialty alloys. Baileigh Coolant cutting fluid is non-chlorine, non-sulfur, non-phenol and non-nitrate based formula. Unlike other cutting fluids on the market Baileigh Industrial's Baileigh Coolant is a non-petroleum based product formulated with bio-degradable ingredients making cleanup a breeze.

Available in both 1 and 5 gallon sizes, Baileigh band saw coolant will last longer than others on the market as well.  It has a 20-1 mixing ratio, meaning more coolant for the money.  The results of this metal cutting bandsaw coolant have been superior and have allowed Baileigh Industrial to feel comfortable putting our name on it. Baileigh Coolant is designed for any machine that uses a flood coolant system for cooling.


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Overall Size 1 Gallon
Shipping Weight 9lbs
Shipping Dimensions (Inches) 6x6x12

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1 Gallon Baileigh Saw Coolant

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