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Hydraulic Press Brake Bp12313Nc

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  • Hydraulic Press Brake Bp12313Nc


This press brake's hydraulic auto-crowning compensation and plate steel frame ensure crisp bends across its 13-foot length. The touchscreen Delem controller is easy to program.

  • Produces up to 123 tons of hydraulic pressure.
  • Bends sheet metal across 13 feet of useful beam.
  • You can measure and adjust the pressure for your application.
  • 2 industrial-grade hydraulic cylinders raise and lower top beam through a servo motor.
  • Mechanical stops inside hydraulic cylinders ensure an accurate bend angle.
  • Digital encoders control the beam depth and back gauge positions.
  • Separate digital readouts (DROs) show the stroke and back gauge positions, so you can make precise repeat bends.
  • Parallel hydraulic mechanism synchronizes both sides, so that the machine stays true and the motions are balanced through each stroke.
  • Top beam travels up and down using several 3-axis bearings coupled to a hardened rail system.
  • Touchscreen Delem controller holds 100 programs with up to 25 bends per program.
  • Programmable system is easy to learn. You could teach someone how to to use this machine in around 15 minutes.
  • Pendant control box conveniently swings away from the machine.
  • You can program the back gauge, moved by a servo motor with an encoder, through the Delem console.
  • Finite manual adjustments also allow you to raise or lower the back gauge.
  • Hydraulic auto-crowning creates consistent bends across the maximum width of the machine and prevents underbending in the middle.

Heavy Construction for Accuracy and Safety

  • Thick electrowelded plate steel framework gives this machine the structural strength to deliver accurate results, day in, day out, for years.
  • Weighs 19,800 lbs., so this press brake won’t buckle under pressure even at maximum capacity.
  • Includes front material rests.
  • 6-sensor light curtain keeps you safe by preventing the press brake from running if anyone is standing too close.
  • Inside lighting helps you see what you’re bending.

Convenient Shipping and Lifetime Support

  • This industrial press brake ships fully assembled and loaded with a set of multi-Vee tooling.
  • We minimize handling during transportation to prevent damage. The truck that leaves our factory is the same one that arrives at your shop.
  • Replacement parts are in stock, so we can get them to you quickly.
  • Covered by a 1-year parts warranty.
  • You can count on lifetime technical support by phone from our team of customer service engineers, all with hands-on machine experience.

Questions? Not sure which press brake is right for you? Call us at 1-920-684-4990 and talk to a Baileigh expert.

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Item Number BP-12313CNC
Country of Manufacture Taiwán
Gauge Length 17201
Return Speed 2.36" / sec.
Motor 10 hp
Nc Control Type Delem
Oil Capacity 55 gal
Throat Depth 9.84"
Bending Capacity Max Length Max Thickness 157.5" / .098"
Stroke Distance 7.87"
Table Width 7.87"
Approach Speed 3.14" / sec.
Back Gauge Motor 1/2 hp
Bending Speed .236" / sec
Distance Between Housings 133.85"
Distance From Table To Ram 13.75"
Power 220V / 3-phase
Shipping Weight 17000lbs
Shipping Dimensions (Inches) 176x71x103

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Hydraulic Press Brake BP-12313CNC

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