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Mandrel Benders

  1. Mandrel Benders MB-NCE-1 Series

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    • 1 axis NC control bend angle (Y) • Memory can store 25 programs x 10 bends • Full hydraulic clamping • Available in 35, 60 & 90mm OD capacities
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  2. Mandrel Benders MB-NCE-2 Series

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    • Hydraulic plain of bend clamp • Automatic mandrel lubrication • Useful bed length can be increased in 1mn increments • Split die system for square and custom sections
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  3. Mandrel Benders - CNC Series

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    • 2 axis Numerically Controlled bend degree (Y) and rotation (Z)
    • Memory can store up to 25 programs with 10 bends (Y) and 10 rotations (Z) per program
    • Completely hydraulic design allowing for optimal accuracy and performance
    • Up to 10 programmable bending speeds and pressure die assist speeds for maximum control
    • 3rd axis Sequential adjustable roller stop system  - (X)
    • Fully hydraulic clamping with standard Pressure die assist AND Mandrel Extraction
    • Available in capacities up to 13” O.D Round tube 
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  4. Manual Mandrel Bender HMB-1125M

    Precio normal: $8,995.00

    Precio Especial $8,095.50 $

    Manually Operated Mandrel Bender, 1-1/8" x .065" Mild Steel Maximum Capacity.
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  5. Mandrel Tube Bender – MB-350

    $44,895.00 $

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    220V Three Phase Mandrel Tube and Pipe Bender. 3" Round Capacity, Touch Screen Operator Interface Includes Capability to Program up to 140 programs with up to 10 bends per program and Numeric Control Operation. Maximum Feeding Length 10'
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  6. Mandrel Tube Bender – MB-4X2

    $51,095.00 $
    • Perfect for chassis bending, including 2" x 4" rectangle the hard way
    • 100° maximum rotation
    • 220V three phase
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