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Sheet Metal Shears

No matter the type or capacity, a Baileigh sheet metal shear makes perfect cuts every time. What’s our secret? Exacting research and development plus high-quality materials.

Our metal shears offer:

  • Design features that increase your efficiency, like convenient material stops that help you make repeatable cuts and reduce waste.
  • Rigid solid steel or cast iron construction that reduces deformation and vibrations and allows the shears to cut at full capacity on a regular basis for years.
  • 1-year warranty and lifetime technical support by phone, so troubleshooting and application advice from our experienced team is always just a call away.

Foot Sheet Metal Shears

A Baileigh foot-stomp shear fits the budgets of small-to-medium shops or schools, while living up to our usual high quality standards. Long-lasting chromium blades can be resharpened to save money throughout a machine’s lifetime.

Hydraulic Sheet Metal Shears

Our extensive hydraulic shear line ranges from sturdy medium-duty models to a massive 23,000 lb. NC metal shear that’s accurate within .01 mm.

  • Industrial-grade hydraulics, coupled with fully-welded metal plate frames, produce smooth, effortless cuts that help extend blade life.
  • Use the controls to jog the upper carriage for a single cut or run continuous cycles by holding the foot pedal down.
  • Clamp holds the material to the in-feed table so it doesn't lift during shearing.

Manual Sheet Metal Shears

If you need to cut small pieces of sheet metal, an affordable Baileigh manual shear saves space in your shop. Our manual shear line also includes rotary shear models that you can turn and manipulate to produce those nifty flowing curves.

  • Throatless manual shear design allows the metal to pass through without getting caught.
  • Leverage system connected to the pull-down handle multiplies your force so you can cut steel without a strain.

Pneumatic Hydraulic Shear

For any fabrication or HVAC shop that shears 16 gauge or lighter material, this sheet metal cutting machine only needs compressed air between 90 and 115 psi to function—and no electrical power!

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