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Sheet Metal Brakes

Baileigh Industrial builds high-quality metal brakes to suit just about any application, shop, or budget.

Need a sheet metal finger brake to handle small runs of small items? We’ve got it. Looking for a massive programmable hydraulic sheet metal brake for heavy gauge production runs? We’ve got that, too—and everything in between!

  • Our machines come standard with features that other brands might charge extra for, such as stop rods on straight metal brakes and metal finger sets on box brakes.
  • Rigid steel plate frameworks ensure accurate results and withstand bending at maximum capacity, day in and day out, for decades.
  • We cover each machine with a 1-year parts warranty and lifetime technical support by phone from our experienced team of reps.

Straight Metal Brakes

  • Ranging from 48” to 13 feet in length with 12- to 22-gauge mild steel capacities.
  • Each manual sheet metal brake can bend material up to 135°.
  • Welded steel plate construction and cast iron clamps and supports prevent twisting or misalignment.

Manual Box and Pan Sheet Metal Brakes

  • This line ranges from a 2-foot, 16-gauge small metal brake to a mighty 13-foot, 22-gauge model.
  • Each box brake includes hardened fingers in multiple sizes, so you can make a wide variety of boxes and pans.
  • Heavy bending apron counterweights on most models take the fatigue out of manual bending, even at maximum capacity.

Hydraulic Sheet Metal Brakes

  • Brakes in 10-, 12- and 14-gauge versions, ranging from 4 to 10 feet.
  • Each hydraulic box and pan brake can bend material up to to 135°.
  • Programmable stop bend adjustment makes for easy repeatability.
  • These machines make ideal solutions for increasing production in heavier gauges.

Magnetic Sheet Metal Brakes

  • Each 16-gauge, 6-ton magnetic box and pan brake lets you engage a powerful magnet with the foot pedal or the push-button control.
  • Magnetic clamps help the machine handle unusually-shaped applications, like enclosed boxes and triangles, and bend to almost any depth.
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Straight Sheet Metal Brakes Ver Todo

We make a manual straight brake to fit almost any shop. Models range from 4 to 13 feet in length and 12 to 22 gauge in mild steel capacity. The steel construction and iron clamps keep bends accurate. Leer más sobre Straight Sheet Metal Brakes

Box & Pan Sheet Metal Brakes Ver Todo

Our manual box brakes, from 2 to 13 feet in length, include hardened fingers to create a variety of boxes and pans. Each sheet metal finger brake has a steel frame, so it’ll last a lifetime. Leer más sobre Box & Pan Sheet Metal Brakes

Hydraulic Sheet Metal Brakes Ver Todo

A hydraulic box and pan brake lets you speed up production, cut out manual effort, and rely on programmable precision. Control the hydraulic clamping and bending leaf with a convenient foot pedal. Leer más sobre Hydraulic Sheet Metal Brakes

Magnetic Sheet Metal Brakes Ver Todo

Looking for a do-it-all machine? With a magnetic sheet metal brake, you can tackle unusually-shaped applications, make enclosed boxes and triangles, and bend sheet metal to almost any depth. Leer más sobre Magnetic Sheet Metal Brakes