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Built from the highest-quality components, Baileigh Industrial presses deliver maximum-capacity force without flexing or buckling. Their advanced designs will make production faster and easier in your shop—over years of trouble-free use.

Our presses:

  • Maintain accuracy with durable frameworks, made from heavy cast iron or electro-welded steel plate.
  • Offer standard features that other brands often consider upgrades or extras, such as
  • V-block sets and left and right cylinder movement on H-frame presses.
  • Come covered by a 1-year parts warranty.
  • Include lifetime technical support by phone. You can call our team of customer service reps—all with experience using our machines—for troubleshooting or free project advice any time.

Arbor Presses – A 3-ton manual arbor press (with ratchet-type leverage) and a 5.6-ton press (with a single-leverage handle), both for pressing and broaching.

C-Frame Presses – We carry 480-volt 3-phase 60-Hz presses in 45-ton, 70-ton, and 112-ton models in stock and have many other sizes available. Each C-frame press is hydraulically operated with adjustable slide pressure.

Metal Bench Presses – You can tool up each versatile metal bench press as a louver press, a press brake, or a radius and corner notcher. Choose between a 3-ton manual model and a 10-ton hydraulic press.

Hydraulic Shop Presses – Our hydraulic H-frame press line ranges from 10 to 200 tons in capacity. Whether you’re looking for a pneumatic shop press (air-powered) or a hydraulic shop press, we have an economical model right for your needs.

Questions? Give us a call at 1-920-684-4990, and talk to one of our expert reps. You can also fill out our contact form.

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Arbor Press Ver Todo

Made with durable cast iron housings, our arbor presses give you fine control when you're pushing pins or pressing bearings. Both our 3-ton and 5-ton arbor press models are compact and portable. Leer más sobre Arbor Press

C-Frame Press Ver Todo

Designed for industrial production, a large C-frame press has open sides, so you can work with long pieces of metal. It’s a perfect solution for high-output shops that need extra width. Leer más sobre C-Frame Press

Metal Bench Press Ver Todo

With the right tooling, you can use an economical metal bench press as a press brake, a corner notcher, and a louver press. We offer a 5-ton manual press and a 10-ton hydraulic bench press. Leer más sobre Metal Bench Press

Hydraulic Press Ver Todo

Every auto or fab shop needs an H-frame press. Our vast range includes models from 10 tons to 200 tons in capacity. Heavy steel frames keep each hydraulic press accurate for many years. Leer más sobre Hydraulic Press