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Press Brakes

We design each press brake for easy use and maintenance. Anybody can learn how to run even our largest hydraulic press brake in just 15 minutes. Built with heavy steel frames, our press brakes stay accurate.

Why buy a metal press brake from Baileigh instead of a competing brand?

  • Lifetime support from reps with industrial experience – Folks on our team know what it’s like to run a press brake every day. We can help you find the right model and help troubleshoot, if necessary.
  • User-friendly controls – Our press brakes’ controllers walk you through every function, step by step. They’re as simple to operate as you can get.
  • Tooling included – Most of our press brakes come with a V-block set.
  • Convenient maintenance – Grease zerks let you add a squirt of oil every month or two. The easily changeable hydraulic reservoirs on the back of our vertical press brakes have visible fill gauges to save you time and effort.

Questions? Not sure which is the best press brake for you? Call us at 1-920-684-4990 and talk to a Baileigh expert.

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Manual Press Brakes Ver Todo

Each manual press brake is a space-saving combination machine that works as a shear, box brake, and/or roll. Great for hobbyists and small shops, these models bend light gauge sheet metal. Leer más sobre Manual Press Brakes

Horizontal Press Brakes Ver Todo

These programmable 45-ton and 78-ton press brakes can bend, punch, and shear with the right tooling. A horizontal press brake can handle small parts more easily, since the material lies flat. Leer más sobre Horizontal Press Brakes

Vertical Press Brakes Ver Todo

Need to bend thick metal plate on an industrial scale? A Baileigh vertical press draws strength from durable brand-name parts and a massive steel frame, yet costs less than most competing models. Leer más sobre Vertical Press Brakes