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When we say that Baileigh Industrial notchers lead the industry, we can back that up with patents—and performance. Our machines combine advanced technology with rugged materials to deliver years of profitable hard work at your shop.

Baileigh’s line of corner notchers and tube and pipe notchers offers:

  • Sturdy construction, usually built from durable steel plate or cast iron, to prevent vibration and deliver clean, accurate results.
  • Designs that save you time and let you take on projects that other machines can’t handle. For example, several of our tubing notcher models come with self-centering vises to clamp tightly onto bent pieces of tube or pipe and cope difficult applications.
  • Standard features that competing brands might charge extra for, such as oversized work tables with adjustable guides on many sheet metal notcher models.
  • A 1-year parts warranty as well as lifetime technical support from our team of experts.

We typically keep all notchers in stock to ship within 72 hours.

Sheet Metal Notchers

Our corner notcher line ranges from a 90° fixed-angle foot-stomp notcher under $600 to a hydraulic sheet metal corner notcher for heavy production that can cut up to 6mm mild steel. All these models share the ability make crisp corners for precise results you can be proud of.

Tube and Pipe Notchers

Brains meets brawn in our efficient, solidly-made tube and pipe notcher line, equipped with features you won’t find on other manufacturers’ machines. Whether you need a hole saw notcher, a manual pipe notcher, an abrasive tube notcher, or an end mill notcher, we have a model that will cope material for tight fits and quality welds.

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Sheet Metal Notchers Ver Todo

Make clean corners every time with a Baileigh sheet metal notcher. Built with steel and cast iron parts, our notchers will last for years. We offer manual, hydraulic, and air-powered models. Leer más sobre Sheet Metal Notchers

Tube & Pipe Notchers Ver Todo

Why buy a Baileigh tube notcher? Heavy steel construction. Patented features, like self-centering vises. Tight fits for quality welds, whether you use a manual pipe notcher or an end mill notcher. Leer más sobre Tube & Pipe Notchers

Plasma Tube & Pipe Notchers Ver Todo

Our CNC plasma notchers speed up production of pipe parts while maintaining high quality. Easy to program, these pipe profilers come with software and allow you to make a wide range of cuts. Leer más sobre Plasma Tube & Pipe Notchers