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Our top of the range electromechanical mandrel bender, designed for multi-plain higher volume bending.

The NCE-2 mandrel bender machine has 3-axis controls, 2 are NC and 1 is manual. Like the NCE-1 the machine comes as standard with a 25 program x 10 bend memory, but unlike the NCE-1 the NCE-2 allows you to program the plane-of-bend for each bend angle as well. When the mandrel pipe bending machine is running and the start button is pressed, the plane-of-bend carriage rotates the tube to the right plane before the bending starts, this happens between all bend angles.

The 3rd axis, the feed axis (X), is controlled with an adjustable stop system. Manually, the operator pulls the carriage down a metered track and to the required stop, this feature means with the NCE-2 mandrel bender machine you can control the bend, rotation (plane) and feed axis and the standard features hydraulic mandrel extractor, pressure die and pressure die assist ensures a high-quality bend too.


  • 1-axis NC control
  • Memory can store 25 programs x 10 bends - (Y)
  • Sequential flip stop axis control
  • Fully hydraulic clamping
  • Hydraulic mandrel extractor
  • Hydraulic pressure die
  • Hydraulic pressure die assist
  • Available in 35, 60, and 90mm capacities



  • Split die system
  • Automatic mandrel lubrication
  • Additional useful bed length (1 metre increments)
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Item Number MB-NCE-2
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Mandrel Benders MB-NCE-2 Series

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