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Manual Hand Bender Rdb10

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  • Manual Hand Bender Rdb10
  • Rdb 10 Dies
  • Rdb10 Manual Bender
  • Rdb 10 Manual Bender Dies
  • Rdb 10 Top
  • Top Of Rdb10


If your job involves building race cars, restoring autos and airplanes, or working with an automated machinery builder, you know the value of properly bent lines. Our simple and precise manual tubing bender will save you time and money from the first time you use it.

  • Bends tubing up to 180°.
  • Makes serpentine bends without difficulty at very tight radii (depending on the OD, material, and wall thickness).
  • Comes standard with 10 different size combinations, from 1/4" to 5/8" OD in either 3 or 5 times the diameter radii.
  • Works with mild steel, stainless steel, and certain coppers and aluminums.
  • Includes a heavy pedestal and tooling rack (in addition to the bending machine itself).

The RDB-10 Hand Bender is Recommended for:Bending air lines, brake lines, fuel lines, and general hydraulic lines.

Included Die Sets
1/4 x 3D 6.350 mm x 3D
1/4 x 5D 6.350 mm x 5D
5/16 x 3D 7.938 mm x 3D
5/16 x 5D 7.938 mm x 5D
3/8 x 3D 9.525 mm x 3D
3/8 x 5D 9.525 mm x 5D
1/2 x 3D 12.7 mm x 3D
1/2 x 5D 12.7 mm x 5D
5/8 x 3D 15.875 mm x 3D
5/8 x 5D 15.875 mm x 5D

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Item Number RDB-10
Power Manual
Shipping Weight 155lbs
Shipping Dimensions (Inches) 43x16x19

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Hand Bender - RDB-10

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